When passion meets purpose.

LetsBet.com is a premium online casino brand, which is founded on three pillars; Live Streaming, Social Features and Gamification. Our mission is to make the online casino experience more entertaining, live, friendly, thrilling and with a clear sense of playing in a social atmosphere. We see ourselves as Pioneers and we dare to try new innovations for the benefit of players and to create forward movement in the industry.

Let’s take the i-gaming industry to another level. Together.


Join the LetsBet Affiliate Program and promote one of the most exciting and innovative casino products you will come across.

experienced team

The LetsBet Affiliate Program is run by a team with vast experience from the i-gaming industry. It is quite simple; We know what our customers and affiliates want.

Hassle-Free Payments

Forget about delayed payments and T&Cs that are not transparent. Whether you prefer to work with us on a Revenue Share, CPA or Hybrid deal, the payments are hassle-free and on time.

unique casino experience

We believe in differentiating ourselves from the competitors and creating exclusive experiences for our customers. We are sure that your players will love our product.

dedicated account manager

You probably know it too well. There is a problem and you don’t know who to contact. That’s an unlikely scenario here at LetsBet. You have your own personal account manager.

video landing pages

What’s up with all those static landing pages that convert super bad? We can offer you a customized video landing page that perfectly suits your needs. Let’s take conversions to a new level!

long-term approach

We believe in being fair. We want to treat not only our players but also our affiliate partners in the best possible way. We see you as a business partner that we want to work with for years.

commission structure

When you sign up with the LetsBet Affiliate Program you will be assigned to a standard revenue share plan as per below. The plan is competitive, fair and transparent. The plan is based on the net revenue of the customers you have referred to LetsBet.com. We are of course very keen to hear your thoughts about the traffic you can deliver and the kind of commission plan you expect. We are flexible and can personalize the plan so it fits your needs. 

Up to €5.000: 25%
€5.000-€10.000: 30%
€10.000-€20.000: 35%
More than €20.000: 40%
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